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Read carefully before advertising

“Balcão de Negócios" is a tool of this site to people who want to sell or buy objects and other used products.

Goods must be offered by its owners and they must be non retail sales.

Anyone can advertise in this space, but to do so, you must pay attention to the following conditions:


1. We are not responsible for the content offered, as well as its accuracy, quality and guarantee that the products offered really exist and it is not our responsibility, if any, in cases where the parties feel aggrieved because of the accuracy of the offers available on the site.


2. Negotiations should be made directly between the owner of the object or product and the interested party. The Cooperative will not mediate any negotiations.


3. There will be a selection of offerings to be published in “Balcão de Negócios” and the cooperative will apply the criteria that it considers appropriate for its publication. 


4. The texts of offerings to be edited will follow an acceptable standard, reserving the right to edit the texts, without changing the content. 


5. The offerings will remain on the site for a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days, if the owner of the product does not request the withdrawal of the offer before this period. 


To advertise, you must send the data via the form below:


Include Supply

The product will be evaluated by an administrator before being inserted, whichever ad for 45 days.

  • *Category  
  • *Title  
  • *Price in R$  
  • *Name  
  • *Phone Insert in the format (DDD) 0000-0000  
  • *E-mail    
  • *Description of Offer  


To view the offers, select a category below:

Useful Numbers
  • Frísia Cooperativa Agroindustrial - Matriz
    42. 3231-9000
  • Moinho de Trigo
    42. 3700-2900
  • Unidade de Beneficiamento de Leite - Ponta Grossa
    42. 3228-5400
  • Ponta Grossa
    42. 3219-7050