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Agribusiness News

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  • BUsiness area

    This service aims to facilitate commercial exchange between people who have an interest in selling and / or buying products.

    Balcão de Negócios
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    Anual Report

    Relatorio Anual
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    Our brands

    Our brands play an important historical role in agribusiness. Explore our products that promote well-being and health.

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  • Frísia

    Frísia is the new industry of milk processing Batavo Agribusiness, following the same rigorous production process.

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Useful Numbers
  • Frísia Cooperativa Agroindustrial - Matriz
    42. 3231-9000
  • Moinho de Trigo
    42. 3700-2900
  • Unidade de Beneficiamento de Leite - Ponta Grossa
    42. 3228-5400
  • Ponta Grossa
    42. 3219-7050